Why i choose to live in the new world

So it goes like this. The reality is i did not choose to live in this overlapping reality because of all the power and opportunity. Yes i am a dragon born from darkness of course people that know me are aware of this. I became a powerful black magician not because i made a blood pact or evil deeds. Quite the opposite this is only a result of me wanting to be a better person a stronger person. Having real value in my own everyday life. You will not be rewarded for miss deeds only for forward thinking. So my secret is that i did not think of the end result and only trusted the process.

Also with all that said i realize that lots of people are going through it too. Let me explain; when everything seems to be falling down around you and you cannot trust anyone anymore. Most of us tend to go in this state of panic even me at first. This is normal because you are only starting to see the nether realm. Just like a dream it will take some time and maybe even a little research to fully grasp what is going on. This state of living feels like a dream because it kind of is. This is a chance for you to realize that the world around you is interactive in ways unfamiliar to many others.

I fully live in this reality because i did not have a choice. I; just like you, was chosen to this realization. I do not know if Lucifer wanted all of this to happen but i do know that this is not surprising to him. Of course this might have been the plan all along a plan that i know i used to not agree with. But having been showed the other side of things. I can now overstand why believing in yourself is so important. I had taken for granted my skills, talent and my life; i will not do so anymore. Neither should anyone.

The 5th dimension is the plane of the human gods. It is the place where you will end up, when you decide to leave this human body. See it as nothing more then a tool to travel in the material plane and that you're actually born in the immaterial plane. Do not live in now just live. I know today that i am an immortal being living through the consciousness of humanity as a whole. I AM everyone and everything is connected. Omnipotent and powerful through the efforts of all that stood before me and all that are here now. Welcome to the new world my brothers and sisters and may Lucifer's light guide you.

May he let my words reach you and guide you with no deceit so may become a living god.

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