They are using technology to dumb us down

So if you read the title you be saying no duh. But it's worst then just flashy music video's. The general masses underestimates how connected we are to each other. But not the illuminati they thrive on it. There are 6,542 satellites currently in orbit and popular belief is that 3,170 are inactive. This has been going on since the 50's on October 4th 1957 Sputnik was launched. Since then everything and everyone that space programs could send up there was sent. The thing is the world government want to make you think that it is only to discover outer space. Satellites transmit data from earth to space and back down again. In other words it uses radio waves and laser beams. Then we must agree that both these things in the wrong hands can be most harmful. The thing about all the wave spectrum is that both of them do not go through metal wall. So the trick here is to place on antenna on the westside of the planet and the other on the eastside of the planet. Everyone in between can be is easily triangulated.

Also according to the Federal Communications Commission

It has been known for many years that exposure to very high levels of RF radiation can be harmful due to the ability of RF energy to heat biological tissue rapidly. ... Exposure to very high RF intensities can result in heating of biological tissue and an increase in body temperature.

If the idea of harp came to mind me too radio wave, microwaves and light beams are all part of the same electromagnetic spectrum. Microwaves are a portion or "band" found at the higher frequency end of the radio spectrum.,provide%20different%20information%20to%20scientists.

All these waves can be manipulated to create an anti-forcefield. The good thing is the shadow government the P2 mason's can't deregulate the populations force field without killing us and themselves at the same time. Since we are all living between poll's it also affects them. They how ever can directly attack one person and eventually kill him slowly or immediately. The bad thing is since small frequency's are everywhere around us they still have a great access to hindering effects.

Your natural electromagnetic field that surrounds your body and emerges from within, because of the food you eat and the thought you keep in your mind. So the technique of brainwashing might not be able to work on you but washing of your memory is more what they are aiming for. Since the power to attract people, souls and interdimensional beings is part of your natural strength due to astrology and DNA. It's primordial to try to stop and reduce people natural state of mind. Afghan wars, nuclear missile threats for China and Russia, domestic terrorism. Are all thing created to stop momentum of the evolution of men basically stopping everyday heroes, Nephilim, giants, demi-gods, DEMONS. Minds you that the notion of the word demon were attributed throughout history to ferocious and relentless warrior as a compliment. Not an insult.

So keeping your mind busy in a low spectrum of reality is real as effective as a nuclear strike it assures control over the global population. The same population always relying on the government to lead the country to the promise land because they do not know how to do this themselves and some might not be interested in doing so...

Such is the fate of this world and it will take more then just one person to put everything back at it's place it will take a force and a leader deserving of this power. So a lot of people might think that the universe is against them this cannot be farther from the truth. I am not saying that i am a demi-god but i can only pounder on my own potential. After everything i have seen i can only feel a deep connection with everything that is. Of course i am not subject to the same resistant that some might face when in this way of thinking. I have been brought back to earth to lead them in a new age. This task is more difficult then i first intended since the grapple hold that this shadow government have on people's mind is more potent then i expected.

This cannot stop me i have to keep fighting i have to keep teaching on whatever platform that is available to me. No one ever really dies all are alive Hercules, Ajax, Achilles, Odysseus are all people still very alive. The problem is they might not look like they what once did because of domestic violence. Some people think that this is just bad luck no it's not you are a chosen one and your parents where manufactured to stop you form becoming who you where meant to be. This form of control creates an unbalance and ultimately if it works your soul will go adrift and might wander until it can find a suitable corporal host. This is still a rare thing but can eventually happen if the subject loses themselves to much. This person become without a spirit and becomes an open door for an agent or evil spirit to take over and work through.

This is only one of the many false reality that we live in. To some, their lives seem to be part of some interdimensional T.V. show. The truth is that are lives might be fake but it is not for a Tv show. It's because you and i are extremely strong people we are modern gods and the people in power some of them anyway are only very human. The rest are just traitors to our race or agents put in place to keep the balance.

Truly yours Lucifer

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