The Demon Of Lust ???

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

So i'm sitting here thinking about a way to shed more light on Asmodeus. Then i realized something. Nobody know who he truly is.

Not that their isn't any info on him. I just realize that the road to Apotheosis has to be something to experiment and study at the same time.

But i still find it kind of peculiar that in the knowing of not knowing, there is much power to behold. The name of Asmodeus itself rings so many bells that i can't even start to comprehend the true meaning of it. So many layer intrigues me into thinking that this name is power it self. One must realize that these beings are not born of men.

Such this must mean that all the letters and syllables have a consequence. Meditation is required to unlock the true potential of these name.

The demon names i mean of course.

My experience with Asmodeus is a serious endeavor, most people see Asmodeus as the demon of lust. So henceforth he must only be contempt with actions related to sexuality. Although there might be truth to this; because since i let him in, my libido has gone up a notch. Not to the point of uncontrollable urges but small nudges here and there like my train of thought or a sort of comfort with my own sexual behavior. I am not shy with myself or others.

I pleasantly have not found anyone that found it displeasing as of yet.

But apart from popular concept on who and what he is in charge of there is a personality a character. This character is violent disciplined and relentless. My opinion is that this demon is capable of living on the realm of pleasure not because he is a deviant. But because he is responsible he does not spend his days trying to have as much unprotected sex as he possibly can. Quite thee opposite.

Asmodeus is a warrior a soldier train to go he has the skill and talent to match. So for him to be the demon of lust is a good thing. And lust is a good thing feeling and being desired is something that should be in everyday life for all creatures big or small.

I believe in the cardinal sin's of men that the catholic church's imposed on us was actually a kind of cop out. The "SIN'S" are such complicated matter that it would take to much men power to properly educate men on the true mean of the different aspect of you're persona.

questions. When the child "men" asked why. We told him; "because i said so, now go to your room."

Leaving men with still so much unanswered questions and the arduous tasks of figuring things out by himself. Much like i am doing right now. It's funny how it always all come full circle.

Demons are gods and gods are pure energy. Religious people might want you to think that the gods are against us inherently speaking of course. But in fact there is no oppositions only different hallways to tread into. So black and white mean absolutely nothing it is only in the 4th dimension where duality matters. You're immediate choices are of no consequence to me. Although all choices have consequences and i might feel the backlash of your choice.

When you choose to follow a god you have realize that you become part of the covenant.

This Choice makes you part of the god you follow and all that he encompasses. I guess thus is the reason why ancient Greeks had so many temples. Because they understood that you cannot be devoted to all of the gods at the same time since you are not omniscient. No one can be at two places at the same time.

Basically what i mean is since god are of different realms of existence. if all of them were lights placed all across the streets. And your limb would stretch to each pole you would literally be torn apart. So to get back to what we are saying, Asmodeus is the god of a realm you can still get his favor without being a devotee of course. But if you decide to devote ones self you now have to focus on all of his aspect of personality and the main entity of this realm. So magic is like walking inside an infinite labyrinth full of knowledge you can decide to stay in a corridor with others like you. Or you can walk until you find your own place of comfort. Nonetheless this does not mean that you cannot try to reach many gods at the same time there must be a way of doing such a thing. I of course know but i would not suggest anyone to do so. Since it is to hard and dangerous.

And so like the young adult parent that has never bother thinking about life biggest

A god is created when an idea becomes self conscience so there are many gods whit many different aspects. Lucifer, Satan, Loki, Odin, kali, Kali Ma, Baron Samedi, Samael, The Angel of death they are all one in the same but in different aspect. So to me their is no one true god but their is a God amongst all gods come from and that is Lucifer and any other gods proclaiming there singular state is nothing more then a liar and a deceiver.

Here is a bit more about Azmodeus, the original name was Aeshma-Daeva. The problem is most information you find online says his name can be translated to demon of wrath. Of course this is false. Aeshema in Sanskrit is actually divine and Deava is spirit or god. The most common depiction of this word is wrathful-god and is utterly wrong. Yes Azmodeus is in a personality a wrathful god but the true god of wrath is Lucifer and one other that i am not familiar with named Azi for the Jewish bible. So the demonization of gods are still a thing that the modern day man has to live with. Rich people are demonized by society so are everyday intellectual's. The purpose of this is to make sure that no one will reapeat the mistake of the past which is to no have so much people with world bending powers.

Hope you enjoy this small reading we still have more to come

Yours Truly


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