The Alien Complex

This picture is from a movie and i have to admit this creeps me out. I say this comedically but still worth a mention. So in the recent years there has been a lot of talk about alien and alien conspiracies. I have mentioned me myself about strange occurrences. Although i have never been abducted or seen any green men. I have seen or heard of these incidents. Do i believe in extra-terrestrials in a matter of speaking yes. But not in the conventional historical fashion. To me they are beings that might actually be of a more spiritual or dimensional nature. It is a bit arrogant to think we are the only ones living in this vast universe. I just fail to see true evidence that we are not alone. I mean of course there is the face on the moon. Even the astronaut Buzz Aldrin mentioned seeing actual buildings of a civilization on the moon. What seems to be interesting is the amount of recent media activity, on something meant to be kept secret.

The subject of aliens is fascinating, so many theories but lets be real for a minute can we really trust this sudden rush of information about all this. Isn't it convenient that every one is talking about this. It almost as if someone is trying to grab your attention; look at me! Look at me!

I do believe in other life forces because i practice magic, so i am always in contact with higher beings and interdimensional intelligences, this is everyday life to me. So yeah i do believe in other kinds of life forces or beings. There are even recorded instances of radio signals sent into outer space and actually have gotten answers from outer space. So i cannot say that aliens don't exist but i also do not have irrefutable proof that they do. I also think that if they do exist they are probably of high technology and consciousness. I believe that these entities might be more of like overseers of our consciousness evolution. I think that they are not shy to contact with us. I have friends that claimed being able to call on these so called Aliens through meditation. I also have seen them actually do it but of course, don't take my word for it. I myself have seen these little orbs flying about an maneuvering in space looking like stars or some would lead you to believe nothing more then satellites. This to me is questionable to me.

In my experience as a spiritualist, i contact these spirits not just because of the many material thing they can bring me. No pun intended. I am a spiritualist because of the power and knowledge behind it. So i can imagine that there is a choice being shown to many mystics right now and even normal people. So this influence of the masses being aware of extraterrestrials i feel is just a well deserved break from this the grand life simulation. Everything we know is a lie and now we need to figure out what is. I don't think we are going to be invaded by an Independence Day movie. The only cause of concern in my opinion is are we ready for this new intelligence and technology coming our way. Because these people if they are smart probably do not want all this knowledge to fall into the wrong hands. I feel like this is cause for excitement as we maybe in a competition with ourselves to become better human beings to access these new tech or power whatever it is. I am curious to see if this is in any case factual and if they wanted to destroy us i think they would have done it already.

So whatever is coming can't be a bad thing of course i am being optimistic even idealistic. But like i said before there are no spiritualist that are being warned right now of these things coming to get us. The collective consciousness is being pushed to become better as a people. I do not believe that the corrupted government deep states wants us to evolve because they thing that if they stop us then the alien might leave. This will give them the opportunity to apply the plans they have for us. They believe that they will be able to keep us down, remain in power and print more money that actually have no value. Well i am here to tell you no, no, no my friend. Of course take this with a grain of salt i might be wrong and we might just die by the hands of carnivore space creatures. #NoWillSmith. So i would be patient and just in case enlightened yourself. So that you may at least receive part of the new technology given to us recently and maybe if we are lucky this might turn out alright.

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