Activate to enchant.

Through trial and adventurous turn.

Shedding history, lessons learned.

With compassion benevolence and receptivity

Guided by limitless expansion.

Integration of change, daily action.

Through the fires of transmutation.

Sealing out permanence.


In darkness flowers grow.


Turns correspondence and service.

Capstone of light.

The inspiration for this piece of artwork was taken from one of my very first painting I ever did-named Meatman's Revenge.

The painting is similar to the symbol you see--both depict an open mouthed snake climbing upwards in a similar pattern.

But the original painting also has a figure of a man standing in darkness, gazing upwards at the unfurling, ever expanding snake.

The manner in which the figure appeared, in the painting is most memorable because he was not planned. Meaning Meatman was not something that i expected to appear in the picture--forever looking as if he is walking out of the void. I unknowingly must have dropped paint on the canvas i guess and he popped right out! Though not planned he is supposed to be there.

At his feet the snake starts it's ascension, raising form the earth--it is his revenge. Revenge that was full of compassion and mercy.

Like my original painting, the symbol that I share with here seeks to convey a similar intention.

The serpentine twists and turns of my experiences compliment my endless development. I do this through being receptive and compassionate in my daily walk. The elegant snake raising, growing eternally represents this increase.

I am kindred of the abyss my wishes and objectives. By embracing change--blocking the perpetuation of the fixed and unchangeable yield opportunity to transform. My despondence an engine to create benefit.

Raising with purpose with knowledge obtained--

The crowning achievement.

By Arles

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