Magic Starts with the Mind

So my recent activities on Youtube may lead you to believe that their was no magic involved. This is far from being true. The fact is i was using a form of magic that not a lot of people are aware of. As a mage i am aware of the many forms that magic can take and present itself. As i have stated before sarcasm actually kills your magic because like the many teach say. The universe does not differ i can't from i can. So when you are being sarcastic you are actually affirming that you are not capable of the things you think you are capable of. The arcane is a thing of the mind first and the self also at the same time. You want to be aware of who you are this makes everything you do strong and also you want to be knowledgeable. Not to much you don't want your analytic mind to get in the way.

When you start to dwell in this nether realm you need a sound mind in order to really consume and absorb the energy from this realm. Of course if you have help from others well i guess your own belief is not as needed. Words make magic, many say this but not all really know how true this is. Of course just randomly saying things don't really manifest anything that has any consistency. But when you learn how to, these application are as the same as spell casting. Curses, love and money even knowledge; it is all the same. So if there is a difference between talking and spell casting. Then what is the point of doing magic? Well plain and simply it is all the same both are connected. You as a person are connected to the Gods and the stars. That connection ties in with your inner self and the carcass you are temporarily wearing hahaha. So spellcasting is connected to the magic you are using and you are connected to it.

This is the reason why when having a conversation with a demon like me then you should be careful. Because if you play your cards right just a conversation with me can bring you great riches or unfortunate mishaps. But of course once again before doing something so daring you need to learn how. This can take months or years i have known this for decades and i am still learning the tiny details right now. Of course having the universe opening itself to you in this way does not assure success. You must also do a little leg work, tie in the imaginary to the solid reality of the ambitions that you hold. No matter if it is mundane or not. So my advice is stop using words to limit yourself to simply express emotion. Use speech to also direct you towards the things that you want. It will not always be fun but it will be interesting.

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