Yup that's what i said. It's all about the image but what do i mean? Well to put it simply the image that you create is the one that people will remember, of course everyone knows that. But what if there is more to this imagery thing; then just pretty landscapes. Hollywood created a new science and a new discipline that were not in schools before the invention of cinematography.

So before the industrial age you would tell someone that you study cinematography and they would basically burn you at the stake. For miSTAKE (see what i did there) of them thinking it's was some sort of black magic. The funny part is that they are partly right. You see taking a picture of someone will last for longer periods then ones memory; so the memory of you might with the right care and attention might last a long time period. So apart of you is actually, perpetually time travelling.

So why do big movie makers spend so much money on decorum and special efx. Well for the same reason i just mentioned on above. The only difference is instead of taking and keeping an instant photo. They can implement pictures in your head that will last forever and with the help of audio. You not only remember a picture but an entire scene just like when you and your friend went to play basket-ball last week at the YMCA. Isn't it amazing, on the surface of course it is.

Allegedly the birth of subliminal advertising as we know it dates to 1957 when a market researcher named James Vicary inserted the words "Eat Popcorn" and "Drink Coca-Cola" into a movie.

So it might be fun to watch a movie with friends are loved ones but are we fully aware of what we are watching. I call it movie magic not in the talent agency way but in the littoral sense of the word. They are not just using subliminal messages, that is a thing of the past baby. Oh no, now it's in plain site but well masked so coded message can be sent to your subconscious brain without you even noticing.

So what??? Huh i mean really, they hisw messages and they do this, they do that i don't have to listen to movies and everything right?

You say.

Well yes of course you don't have to listen or watch them but even better then not doing that. What if you knew how to do the same. Yes why not use imagery in your everyday life. If it's was possible; i mean the people in Instagram do it. They make themselves look better then who they actually are and boom instant success. Seem easy right, wrong. Some of these people actually have a degrees in photography, filmography and sometimes even cinematography. Of course a wiz kid with and internet course can still do this but you still need good equipment and a camera man. IN other words not as easy at it seems.

But if you get your hands on a professional like me you could maybe pull it off without any cameras. In you're everyday life. I know vampires aren't suppose to like cameras but a lot of things are misconstrued about vamps.

All jokes aside some things are only revealed too you as you enter that world. The wrong people might take this to do the wrong things. So the next time you look in the mirror and you think people won't care about how you look. Think again and read this one more time.

Truly yours and sincerely yours


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