Have you ever wanted to be a Vampire...!

As far back as i can remember in my life. I always was attracted towards vampires. I must say it was a kind of a pet peeve, so much so that i actually started to feel like i was one. A good one of course. Eat this bread and drink this wine and know that this is my flesh and blood. Paraphrasing the words of the bible. What if a Saint is nothing more then a alluringly charming and bloodthirsty vampire. Some country men in those days would obviously agree. Since they did not have to work the farms like every one else and survived with the generosity of others. All jokes aside this would explain a lot of the mysteries behind the miraculous powers that Saints have. Although there are no accounts of saint shape shifting their are some stories about there illusiveness. How they just disappear when angry strange men are coming after them.

In my case as person with a Christian background i always viewed my having special abilities as becoming a Saint. But i was always more interested in myself then i was in God himself. So a bit a self loathing kind made me think well maybe i am not as cracked up as i intended to be. Maybe this underlying darkness was part of a self actualizing prophecy. Not to say that vampires are a lowly lot just stating that i was maybe looking at things the wrong way. The world we live in can be beautiful but also very evil. Maybe i am more connected to that evil then i originally thought.

What i mean is darkness is something associated with evil, but is evil darkness evil? absolutely NOT. So to some people turning into a werewolf at night would be the worst possible thing that could happen to them. But what if you were being hunted by a town full of crazy cult members hell bent on your destruction. Then this change would be seen as a gift from the heavens.

I have noticed in my life that people always seem to be attracted to me men and female like i had some sort of irresistible charm. It gets to the point were i literally have to hide myself under a cloak in order to go to the grocery store or sometimes. Ok this might be a bit of an exaggeration but still the feeling is there. If you are here reading this then you might know exactly what i am talking about. I have recently started getting into shapeshifting also. It's fun but also coming from someone that does care about his masculinity it's hard for me to completely give myself over to this power.

The thing about being a targeted Individual is that you are scent into this infinite whirlpool of hate. It seem hopeless to get out of. In actuality the longer you stay in it and thanks to the help of some truth tellers. You realize that you are not actually dammed or hated it's because you are special. Very special, i have the realization of the laws of the universe or the law of life. Voynich, Fibonacci, golden ration these code are unlocked since birth. It's a code that i understand and respect. Cause and Effect it is a simplify version of all that is going on inside you and around.

The correlation between a vampires and a saint is seen in the mortality issue as both are seen as being immortal. The irresistible charm they both hold and also the disdain that society has for both. This is not a religious comparison text but i feel that it is worth a mention. The main cause of my complaint is the adjustable relation, between this whole chosen ones thing (targeted individuals). In my perspective the darkness being shown to you is on purpose. It is a dare to uptake the power you see before you. Can you and will you go as far as i did these entities are telling. So you are actually being goateed into power but this way is not necessarily meant to be positive. What you are going through is very vindictive and very not fun for lack of better words.

But the more you gain knowledge the more you delve into spirituality the higher up on the different spectrum you will find yourself.

So i was on this website about vampires and i have to say i could really see myself in what was said. When i say myself i mean you. He was writing about how your friends and family members might be vampire slayers. You see the one thing vamp need to be afraid of is slayers. Accord to the author of the website.

The really interesting part is that the text was stating that a person might not know that they are vampire slayers. I was thinking about the so called gang-stalking phenomenon how some people might hear information about you and feel like they might be doing the right thing. Because some people in your community assume that whatever they are involved in is justice served. In my perspective i see some of these folks as being demon hunters. I am sure we can all agree the cult of the so-called illuminati is in essence knights templar. So if your are actively hunting or stalking people with "special ability" or a "specific bloodline" i would say that obviously makes you by association a demon or witch-hunter".

I do not feed on blood just energy some judgmental beings might call it narcissistic values. But i assure even though i think of myself as the most beautiful creature ever to exist. This dose not mean that i do not value life or the life of others. Feeding on energy is very important to me. A place were you can relate to me is the isolation agenda that they have for some of us. You might not know that you feed off other peoples energy but they know it. Henceforth they try to get you isolated in order for you not to be able to get you level up. So in my case boredom is literally blasphemous. I can cannot stand it not only because it begets loneliness but also cause it is detrimental to my survival. if i cannot feed my soul and spirit will eventually die. It is of the upmost importance for me to keep fighting. I don't even have a choice. So people might think that they do no have to feed on other folks aura but this is just a neurosis or resentment towards men as a whole. This planet is built on fluctuating energy, the sun is the plasma that feeds the moon and the earth. This is a constant flow of light and dark energy.

Admitting willingly that i feed off other people those not make me some kind of monster. Even though i take great pleasure doing so, it give me great ecstasy and joy.

As of turning others into vampires this task is very dangerous and not everyone can easily be turned. It is easier when some is already prone to the darkness, but i always try with someone that was already one in his or her past life. Even then the result can end-up being catastrophic. This is why psychic vampires tend to lay off turning other like them and spend their time happy to just feed any way they can.

Of course loneliness is a cruel mistress, so i too long for someone to share my curse with. The process of turning someone is called the vampires kiss in this happening you will find yourself not being able to make sense out of reality. This usually last a days or months it varies from person to person. It really isn't as bad as it sounds. What is really going on is that the real world is opening itself to you. A lot of would be vamps never make it past this state. They tend to stray away from the one that turned them at that point. The new blood has in this moment the opportunity to turn back towards humanity. But if the new blood accept he is the one that will reach out to you ready to take the next step. Only king, prince and Donpeals can turn other for it is not an actual kiss it's more like a ritual. The answer to your question is yes you can become a king or prince there no such thing as pure bloods but you can be born a vampire. Donpeals are very different and for obvious reason i will not explain this here. Because a Donpeal can become friend or foe depending on how he thinks about societies standards.

Then the hunger settles in and you find yourself grinding your teeth. Not knowing what is going on you might be a bit pent up during that time. If you were turned by a sociopathic vampire that just wanted to make you feel confused out of hatred for the world. Then this blight is were you could actually end up hurting yourself or others. For you see resentful Dracul might kiss you in the night just to spit on everything mother nature gave to us. I.E. out of spite.

But if you're turned by someone else that you gave permission to this person will tell you all of the secrets you need to know in order to feed. Rest assured that when you feed and you like it you will feed again and again.

So the idea of being a vampire is that much of mystery to me. Neither is a unknown by the templar and even everyday people. The problem is that most people being hunted have absolutely no idea of what they are. I don't know if i always wanted to be a child of the night but feel like i am definitely part of it. I can see most of my spiritual ability is almost the same as vampiric powers. Anyways you can inquire me about this if you wish where ever or when ever you feel like it. I don't mind talking about this.

Have a wicked night, there is no rest for the wicked.

Truly yours Lucifer.

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