Bokor Elemera Illuminati Puppet

This is haitian Bokor Elemera the most successful mystic fraud on Youtube up to date. I have come to know him via watching videos on E.A Koetting's channel. I have made videos talking about him and apparently he didn't like it, understandably because those videos were not meant for him to like it. The problem is this scum of a man, decided to try and bully me on the internet and say things like he will practice black magic on me. Don't know if it is true but i'm not waiting to find out i will take precautions or i will work on him. This man has tried to go back and forth with me and severely failed. Now it seems he wants some more. I will gladly oblige.

Thing about him is during this back and forth i have learned a lot of things about him, leading me to believe that this man is not a real magic practitioner. His week mind state cannot be the mind of the caliber he proclaims to be on. Also his tendency to always callout people on social media this is also something that seems a bit out of place. In my experience with illuminati puppets on youtube the only reason why they do this is because of their plan to do a massive takeover in all business sectors. So they hire or put people in place to spear-head, these groups of people or cult like belief.

Bokor Elemera has been caught many times scamming his clients and many times he had to retract the call outs he has done in the past to specific people. This guy does not have anything of the things he says he has or shows. Everything you see about him is a complete fabrication from head to toe. The most despicable thing about Bokor Elemera is that in his mind he thought because of my small frame and fashion choices that i was an easy target. He will soon come to find out that is not the case. He is falling so far down the rabit whole and he doesnt even see it and i do feel bad for him. But when you go around treatening people lives that what happens its called karma.

The question i am asking myself is what kind of person tries to have a fraud like Elemera to do ritual for them. I guess one day soon we will find out.

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